Social Selling Inspiration & Awareness package with your team

Social Selling Inspiration & Awareness package with your team

With this first step we inspire you and your team to get inspiration and create awareness with regard to Social Selling. These meetings are developed for sales, marketing and management teams with the aim of laying the foundation for social selling. Emphasis is on creating awareness that customers buy differently and that a new customer approach including a modern digital routine must be developed. With the aim of a Social Selling Master

The Preparation

To prepare for these live sessions, we recommend reading the book 'The Power of Social Selling'. You will receive a short assignment and other content to read. A personal profile scan is also made of each participant.

What can you expect from the Inspiration & Awareness Sessions

The Commercial Revolution is happening and we need to digitalize! In the sessions that both take half a day, we will go deeper into this Commercial Revolution. We will soon discuss the details of Social Selling and we will see to what extent Social Selling is already being done within your company. Important topics such as working out the Customer Success Portfolio, which is the basis for creating relevant and impactful content, will also be discussed. We also start immediately with the LinkedIn SSI index and make the first step in optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile. All of this is used very pragmatically so that you can quickly apply the knowledge yourself. What can you do as an organization and who does what to improve Social Selling? On the basis of a development plan that is defined together with The Social Selling Company, we set the basis in these sessions.

"Social Selling is a marathon and not a sprint"


After the second session, we determine the next step together with the client. Are we going for customization or is the Social Selling Master Program an excellent solution that fits your organization. Sign up for the Social Selling Inspiration & Awareness session and see how The Social Selling Company can help improve your company!

Next Steps

The first next step is an intensive Social Selling Master program where you will learn a pragmatic social selling routine in 12 weeks that you can use immediately. You can read more about this intensive program here. Then the next step is a 9-month development program in the area of ​​Social Selling Master. You can read more about the development program here. You can also immediately opt for customization. The customized program is a follow-up program that is put together with the client on the basis of the Social Selling Scan and in consultation with your specific wishes.

Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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