9 months of Social Selling development with your team

9 months of Social Selling development with your team

Become an expert in your field with social and continue to develop for a number of months to remain 'State of the Art'. The ingredients for this program are custom-made.

What can you expect from the 9 months Social Selling through development program

New topics and further deepening to ensure that Social Selling becomes a routine and becomes part of the daily activities of employees. Create pieces of content based on the Customer Success Portfolio and flawlessly know when you share what and with whom in your network to achieve optimal results. Working together with your team professionally online to strengthen each other and to challenge the customer optimally with the highest return. With experience experts and the Teamleap portal you will secure the knowledge in the organization. Make sure that both the organization and the individual employees are familiar with this new routine.

Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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