Intensive Social Selling master program


Almost every organization has tried something in the area of ​​Social Selling in the recent years. Live training, inspiration stories and the inexhaustible amount of online training. All these solutions are sold as a kind of miracle pill that doubles your turnover. But what are the real structural results after a few weeks? Few and poorly measurable. To develop a new modern sales routine for sales and marketing teams you need a program that requires participants to learn new theory in manageable parts and apply it directly in practice.


Depending on the level of the team and the objectives, a training program is drawn up. The aim of the program is to teach sales, marketing and management a new modern routine that leads to more sales with new customers, cross and upsell and to bee seen as an expert in the market. A number of aspects that come back during a customized program are:

Live training


During the live training we work with the marketing and sales teams on the subject that has been determined in advance. Here we go into depth on the topic and we immediately get to work with the team. After the sessions, the team immediately has tools to get started with the subject to increase their conversion immediately


Online training


During an online webinar we handle cases, new topics and we deal with questions. Each webinar is recorded and is available to all participants for a year

Clear predefined KPIs and dashboards


Clear KPIs are needed to exceed sales targets. These KPIs are compiled in advance and are kept in an online portal. Here you get live insights into the progress of the sales and marking teams. Dashboards show immediately which team members are at the forefront and which team members need extra support.

E-learning portal


Each participant goes through our online Teamleap portal that contains videos, written and other types of content. All participants are asked to identify predefined KPIs and then to achieve individual progress. (SSI score, network, online conversations, appointments and turnover). The portal has the look and feel of your organization, is available in multiple languages ​​and is scalable within your organization

Progress meeting with management


Meeting with management to discuss team and personal issues. Look back and forward to the results and celebrate successes. Furthermore, the program for the following month is being looked at to exceed the targets.


1-on-1 coaching


When personal extra support is needed for marketing, sales or management, 1-on-1 coaching is used. These coaching sessions can be done face to face or online through video calling.

A number of topics that are covered

  • Online profiles

  • Cooperation between marketing and sales

  • Personal brands

  • Company Brands

  • Content curration

  • Content creation

  • Dream customer analyzes

  • Digital toolbox

  • Finding new prospects

  • Establishing a connection with new prospects

  • Converting new connections

  • Cross and upsell with digital sales

  • Social Selling routine


And many more...

"Doing nothing is no longer an option in the current digital age, and if you do it, then do it well!"


After the intensive Social Selling master program, we determine the next step together with your organization. We will continue for the coming months whereby we carefully safeguard the knowledge gained within your organization and where we take further steps with implementation within your organization.

Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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