12 week intensive Social Selling Master program

12 week intensive Social Selling Master program

With the 12 weeks Social Selling Master program, we are going to build up a daily new routine with Sales, Marketing and management. With this, we as a team take a big step forward to jointly use Social Selling with proven return of investment. In the 12 weeks we lay together the basis for a professional online presence. This new routine will lead to network growth, leads and better conversion.

Customer Success Manager with management team

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be added to the 12 weeks program. This person is the point of contact for the management and together discusses the progress and successes of the program. At the start of the process, the KPIs for the program will be determined with the team and management. The dashboards show the progress on the basis of these KPIs and immediately visualize how the program progresses. This is an excellent method for monitoring the results every week, measuring successes.

What can you expect from the 12 week Social Selling Master program

The program uses an e-learning Teamleap transition portal where inspiration videos and content are shared. This portal is accessible 24X7 and mobile friendly which gives the possibility to go through the subject matter. Furthermore, there are weekly live and live digital sessions which enable the participant to put learned knowledge into practice, so a new routine is quickly deployed. The participant also has unlimited access to live and online 1 on 1 questions and support. Via a leaderboard, insight is provided within the portal with the latest scores and can be steered on reaching the predefined KPIs. The leader board gaming and incentive programs can also be rolled out to reward performance. Dashboards provide insight into the progress of the individual as well as the team.

Build a Social Selling Routine with measurable results

With the support of specialized experience experts who will supervise the employees online and offline and give support, the employees will soon see results. The use of a new routine that will be implemented consistently starts with building a professional online presence. Every week a new topic will be discussed, the approach is practical and immediately usable in daily activities.

"Doing nothing is no longer an option in the current digital age, and if you do it, then do it well!"


After the 12 weeks program we determine the next step together with your organization. We go through the 9 months in which we carefully secure the acquired knowledge within your organization and where we take further steps with content writing. Sign up for the 12 week Social Selling Master program and see how your organization is going to make the difference in the market and the competition ahead.

Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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