Social Selling Inspiration & Awareness with your team


If your potential customer was looking for you as a supplier 20 years ago, there were only a handful of sources to consult: his colleagues, external advisors, relations, or the Yellow Pages. And if they needed you on Saturday, they often waited until Monday before they took action.

This has changed rapidly the recent years. Now your customer can find what they are looking for 24 hours a day on the internet. Moreover, the customer can be inspired on the internet; reads an article, from there click through to another piece or to the website of a company. On the internet, you do not know in advance where you will end up. Do you no longer appear as a seller in this first part of the customer journey? Then your lead will disappear before you know it.

That is why the online environment has now become essential for sellers to make the first contact with the future buyer. All our decision-makers are now reachable and online. Which organizations and sales professionals are using this situation and are best able to utilize their current network and creating new business opportunities?


With this first step, we take your team to be inspired and to create awareness with regard to Social Selling. These sessions are developed for sales, marketing, and management teams to lay the foundation for social selling.

The emphasis is on creating awareness that customers buy differently and that a new customer approach including a modern digital routine must be developed. With the aim of becoming a Social Selling Master. They also work directly on distinctive content and good social media profiles as the foundation of a modern sales team.


The sessions are organized at your office or online for sales, marketing, and management teams. Based on the number of participants, social selling experts are deployed to get the most out of the day. The day consists of short presentations and the teams immediately get started with profiles, content, and mapping out ideal customer groups to put the focus on. Together with the team, we will work on analyzing where the opportunities lie and a plan to utilize these opportunities in the coming periods.


To prepare you for these live sessions, we recommend that you read the book “The Power of Social Selling”. You will receive a brief assignment and other content to read. A personal profile scan is also made of each participant.


“Social Selling is a marathon and not a sprint”


  • Awareness of the opportunities of social selling
  • A training plan as needed for the following months to exceed targets
  • Immediately an improved LinkedIn profile
  • Directly applicable tips for sharing relevant content
  • Directly applicable tips for approaching the correct DMU
  • Directly applicable tips for cross and upselling via social media
  • Support within the organization for social selling
  • Lots of fun

Foto inspiratie sessie


After the second session, we determine the next step together with the client. During the inspiration session, it became clear where the opportunities lie to grow in revenue and new customers through digital sales. During a review, we discuss the result of the session and we look at a customized plan to ensure that the desired revenue targets are exceeded.


Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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