Social Selling Inspiration & Awareness with your team


Commerce, marketing and customer behaviour are changing rapidly, and if organizations do not become more digital, they cannot compete in the current market. Therefore, they must be routinely relevant to the searching customer and generate leads themselves through online platforms. All our decision-makers are now available and online. Which organizations and salespeople are smart about this situation so that they can best use the online network for new business opportunities?

With a modern Social Selling routine and the use of digital tools and platforms such as LinkedIn, sales teams present themselves as experts in the market. They will be able to generate qualified leads through their online network and the network of the organization.

A professional online presence as an organization will also attract new employees and make current employees proud.


With this first step, we inspire and create awareness about Social Selling. We develop these sessions, especially for sales, marketing, and management teams, to lay the Social Selling foundation for the team and organization.

The emphasis of the session is on creating awareness that customers buy differently, and we need to develop a new customer approach, including a modern digital routine to become a Social Selling Master. Also, we will work directly on what is distinctive content and how do we present ourself on social media as a modern sales team.


We organize the sessions at your office, an external location or online. Based on the number of participants, sufficient social selling experts are present to get the most out of the day. The day consists of short presentations, and practical exercises get started with profiles, content and mapping out ideal customer groups to apply focus. We will work with the team on where the opportunities lie and create a plan to exploit these opportunities in the coming sessions.


To prepare you for these live sessions, we recommend that you read the Whitepaper Social Selling in the Commercial Strategy, and we make a personal Linkedin profile of each participant.


“Social Selling is a marathon and not a sprint”


  • Awareness of the opportunities of social selling
  • A training plan as needed for the following months to exceed targets
  • Immediately an improved LinkedIn profile
  • Directly applicable tips for sharing relevant content
  • Directly applicable tips for approaching the correct DMU
  • Directly applicable tips for cross and upselling via social media
  • Support within the organization for social selling
  • Lots of fun

Foto inspiratie sessie


After the second session, we determine the next step together with the client. During the inspiration session, it became clear where the opportunities lie to grow in revenue and new customers through digital sales. During a review, we discuss the result of the session, and we look at a customized plan to outperform sales goals.


Curious about the impact social selling can have on your company?

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