Social Selling for Executives

Modern executives are at the forefront of the digital transformation of their organization. It is striking that most of them are barely visible to customers, employees, shareholders or the industry on social media. Sometimes a like or a cautious comment under an employee’s post, but that’s it. As an executive, how are you going to ensure that you are structurally relevant on the platforms where your stakeholders orient themselves and watch?

Each platform offers unique benefits, but for the business user, LinkedIn remains the best starting point for executives to start with Social Selling.

Why does LinkedIn offer the executive so many opportunities?

When you are a leader of the digital transformation and modern executive, relevant presence on Linkedin beholds essential benefits for your activities. Why? People trust individuals more than companies. They want to hear what the people who run these companies have to say. As a platform, LinkedIn allows you to present yourself and the organization with relevant insights, or discuss market developments in a low-threshold environment with an extensive range. Your stakeholders, in turn, see that you are transparent, inspire the market and can manage situations. The shared content of executives is also more responsive and therefore viewed much more often than content from the company page.

See a simple example of a generic post below. The Marriot hotel group posted it. Left by CEO Arne Sorensson (780,641 followers) and right by the company page (1,537,551 followers). As you can see, Arne’s post performs a lot better on likes, comments and views.

Despite all this potential for organization and personal growth, social media is often not a priority in an executive’s agenda. And that is a shame. To capture this untapped potential, we have developed an exclusive program, especially for the executive who wants to make a difference online and offline.

During the Social Selling for Executives program, we realize together.

• A strong and representative executive profile
• Be the right online example for the organization
• Growth of personal, relevant network
• Thought leadership in your area of ​​expertise, within current and future networks
• Strengthen your personal brand as an executive
• Professional and routine online presence while saving valuable time

What would it mean for you if your online relevance grows structurally, resulting in more awareness and better career opportunities?

Let us challenge you.

The experts of The Social Selling Company are always available to challenge you on your commercial ambitions and goals.

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