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Why Digital Sales?


Digital sales means growing your brand, pipeline, and revenue using digital tools and Social Selling. Social Selling is the use of social media channels, such as LinkedIn, by B2B sales and marketing teams themselves. That’s not to say that you will eliminate all your current marketing and sales activities – but it will accelerate those activities.


Sales is changing rapidly, and if B2B sales teams do not become more digital, they cannot compete in the current market. Also, they must be relevant for customers searching for a solution and generate leads themselves through online platforms daily. All our decision-makers are now reachable and online. Which organizations and sales professionals are using this situation to create new business opportunities?


Thanks to having a daily routine in using all modern digital tools and platforms such as LinkedIn, sales teams will generate more qualified leads through their online network and the network of the organization. With the right digital sales skills and know-how, the teams can convert these leads into new business relationships and additional revenue.

Results of our approach.

Sales appointments
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397 sales professionals worldwide trained, coached and guided in developing a modern sales routine.

56% conversations with C-level after accepting invitations on social media.

Because of Social Selling, EIFFEL has the position as an expert and thought leader in the market on social media.

Realized 126 sales meetings (calls) and growth of the relevant network by 52% with Social Selling in one quarter.

Tijdens het creëren van hybride salesteams zijn 43% van de nieuwe DMU connecties geconverteerd naar een afspraak met social selling

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Social Selling has become a permanent part of the marketing and sales department to generate new business.

Since the transition management and top management have integrated social selling KPIs to exceed revenue targets.

The Social Selling transformation program delivers Oracle new leads every day with higher conversion rates.

Our approach.

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1. Inspiration & plan

The start of the transformation program is an insightful and energetic day specially developed for sales, marketing and management teams, to create awareness and determine the current situation and opportunities to grow. Here we lay the foundation for digital sales. Together with the teams, we outline goals that we will exceed in the coming transition.

2. Learning, training and guidance

Our experts transform your sales and marketing teams into modern teams with a new digital routine – resulting in revenue growth. We implement the new routine through physical sessions, online sessions and 1-on-1 coaching. You also get access to your company branded E-learning portal, in which we measure results via jointly defined KPIs. We also capture your online DNA and routine in a commercial blueprint.

3. Implementation of a modern sales routine

Digital sales is a marathon and not a sprint. Once you learned all the skills, it is essential to put what you have learned into daily practice to exceed sales objectives without making concessions on our routine. Online environments, tools and customer behaviour is continuously changing, and without further structural development, the initiated growth will quickly level off again.

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